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"all is one"

Always more frequently we live in multicultural societies where it peers out the globalization that pushes towards a flattening of the cultures and it limits the typical versatility of human beings. Versatility as characteristic of the universe that hosts us, as the etymology of the same word explains: All is one, everything goes towards the same direction. Nevertheless, paradoxically, differences are always more lived with drama. The tensions in the societies of our world are evident and they are opposed to that equilibrium of differences that mother nature has pointed out as the path to follow to live in balance.

I want my paintings to be shown to individuals undressed of their prejudices, of their cultural background, their fears. My works desire to bring us entirely to the essence. All is one.
I have always thought to the art as to something that raises awareness in the human being mind , that brings him to his true nature, to that spirit who doesn't have the filter of acquaintances accumulated in a life.

I like to represent what it is tied up to the world as place where we live in, where so many individualities live different lifes intente however to give the answer to the most difficult of the questions: Who are we? Given my western extraction, mainly turn my interst into cultures different than mine, a lot of times visited during travels and known directly.

African portraits bring me back to an ancestral earth, where everything perhaps has begonnen. Rhythms are slow, they follow the time dictated by mother nature. From nature comes everything we have, we learn from it and from it we obtain that peace that derives from the acceptance. To fight is to fight against oneself.

The Orient often sends me back to those monks who dedicate life to the search of theirselves. I represent them since they manifest a spirituality that is tied up to the individual search of each of us more than to the religion as dogma. How Ghandi said": God doesn't have religion." And he is in all of us.

My abstract works recall the austral continent where the aboriginals lived closely connected to the earth. The traditions were orally handed down and the graphics representations were a mix of ancestral visions, maps of routes for the vastness to be crossed and forms of superior orders tied to the spirit and the collective memory. The man, the nature, the creation are the All. All is one.

I do not set limits to the public to which I address me. Everybody, leaving aside rationality, cultural extraction, prejudices, can perceive the sense of the oneness that I want to transmit. I exhort you not to use the mind, it divides. We look and we listen with the heart. The heart unites us. To look and to breathe this sense of belonging to the All place us so much above the distinctions that the human being with is "presumed intelligence" has been able to trace in the millennia. All is one, All is interconnected. Never more than now man feels the need of a reflection. Science, knowledge, search have improved the mere material condition of few, but a void has been created. There is no harmony, there is no exchange, there is not the conviction that to bring damage to others and to anything that surrounds us it means to cause damage to ourselves.
All is one

  • It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.

    Pablo Picasso

  • Looking for consciousness in the brain is like looking inside a radio for the announcer.

    Nassim Haramein

  • In life, there is nothing to fear, only to understand.

    Marie Sklodowska-Curie

  • The real extreme is in the everyday life, each day with stoic suffering to endure a life that has absolutely nothing to do with what we came to the world.

    Max Calderan

  • You have it in your power to make your days on Earth a path of lowers, instead of a path of thorns.

    Sathia sai baba

  • Blue monksSpiritual

    Blue monks
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  • Holi festivalPortrait

    Holi festival
  • InterconnectionEthnic

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  • Tibetan girlPortrait

    Tibetan girl
  • Thailand MonkSpiritual

    Thailand Monk
  • soul knights serie 5Portrait

    soul knights serie 5
  • soul knight serie 6Portrait

    soul knight serie 6
  • soul knights serie 4Portrait

    soul knights serie 4
  • Interconnection 3Ethnic

    Interconnection 3
  • Gentleness 2Dot Art

    Gentleness 2
  • BillabongEthnic

  • NautilusEthnic

  • lose yourselfPortrait

    lose yourself
  • Indaco monksSpiritual

    Indaco monks
  • Mongolia girlPortrait

    Mongolia girl
  • SnakeEthnic

  • Afrika 03Ethnic

    Afrika 03
  • Woman from AfricaPortrait

    Woman from Africa
  • soul knights serie 2Portrait

    soul knights serie 2
  • Musiro, Mozambique 4Portrait

    Musiro, Mozambique 4
  • All is oneEthnic

    All is one
  • thai monkSpiritual

    thai monk
  • cyclic natureDot Art

    cyclic nature
  • RebirthPortrait

  • interconnectionDot Art

  • Interconnection 2Ethnic

    Interconnection 2
  • colours visionEthnic

    colours vision
  • Fruscio del vento nella danza sensuale nessun respiroPortrait

    Fruscio del vento nella danza sensuale nessun respiro
  • MyanmarSpiritual

  • the one who reawakesDot Art

    the one who reawakes
  • Holi festival 2Portrait

    Holi festival 2
  • Musiro, Mozambique 3Portrait

    Musiro, Mozambique 3
  • Tokyo tattoo festivalPortrait

    Tokyo tattoo festival
  • soul knights serie 3Portrait

    soul knights serie 3
  • dim lightSpiritual

    dim light
  • DreamPortrait

  • Tibetan girlPortrait

    Tibetan girl
  • Everything flowsEthnic

    Everything flows
  • kijoPortrait

  • Sunset meditationSpiritual

    Sunset meditation
  • SinapsiEthnic

  • changeDot Art

  • …in amore il pensare è niente, il sentire è tutto G.GaberPortrait

    …in amore il pensare è niente, il sentire è tutto  G.Gaber
  • Gentleness 3Portrait

    Gentleness 3
  • IndiosPortrait

  • Walking MyanmarSpiritual

    Walking Myanmar
  • UluruPortrait

  • out therePortrait

    out there
  • Rosso opacoPortrait

    Rosso opaco
  • The BirdDot Art

    The Bird
  • into the bluePortrait

    into the blue
  • Red MonksSpiritual

    Red Monks
  • renewalDot Art

  • GeishaPortrait

  • Woman from EthiopiaPortrait

    Woman from Ethiopia
  • Shiava Holi festPortrait

    Shiava Holi fest
  • BamboosNature

  • SnakeDot Art

  • Musiro, Mozambique 5Portrait

    Musiro, Mozambique 5
  • NautilusEthnic

  • HarmonyDot Art

  • colors in the soulDot Art

    colors in the soul
  • my dwellings windowsPortrait

    my dwellings windows
  • …e abbassò lo sguardoPortrait

    …e abbassò lo sguardo
  • out of the blueDot Art

    out of the blue
  • life at waterholesEthnic

    life at waterholes


  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA
  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA
  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA
  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA
  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA
  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA
  • Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA

Vernissage 29 giugno ore 18.00, ART in ROME in piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10. ROMA

V aspetto il 29 giugno alle ore 18.00 alla ART Gallery Rome in Piazza Navona, via dei Parioni 10, Roma per il vernissage della mostra Art in Rome July...

Finalist at PREMIO Pittura MESTRE 2018, collective finalists exhibition from settember to october, Centro Culturale Candiani

From  22 settember to 14 october finalists exhibition of the International Premio Mestre Pittura I am ther with my FINALIST painting INTERCONNECTION, Come and visit me..


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